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MEIL is a professionally managed company where every employee is customer driven. We have a team of well qualified and experienced engineers who have deep domain knowledge in their respective fields-mechanical, electrical and civil engineering and who act strictly in accordance with the best interests of our clients.

External and internal training programs are regularly scheduled which help the technical staff in quickly adapting to the exposure of sophisticated technologies are added features of the company's HRD department. A number of programs that develop the interpersonal skills and communication also form a part of our agenda.

We respect and recognize our people for the difference they make. We provide feedback to all employees, measure their efforts and recognize achievements. We also allocate resources to promote and develop the career opportunities they deserve.

The aim of all the company's employees, management and site staff alike, is to minimize any inconvenience that might be caused to the general public and our client's customers and to ensure that a good image for the client is maintained.

At MEIL, the on-the job training focuses its attention on the safe and effective transition of our personnel from the relatively safe, low risk environment of the training rooms and workshops to the more demanding and hazardous areas of actual operational work. During this phase of training under the tutelage of suitably qualified mentors and supervisors, trainees learn how to complete their assigned tasks in a safe and effective manner. The mentors and supervisors carefully monitor trainees' progress during the training phase with a view to identifying and logging any knowledge or skills gaps. At all stages, checks and assessment are built into the program to ensure that training is having the desired effect, namely closing identified knowledge and skill gaps and/or enabling employee career advancement.

Our consultants and experts are experienced in a wide variety of training programs including leadership training, program development, HR management, technical writing, safety training, critical thinking, and more. You can earn as you learn, gain recognition for the workplace skills you already have and train for new skills while you work.

MEIL believes in self-motivation, innovation, organization growth through continuous learning which is an integral part of our work life.

We always enrich and encourage our employees to prove their potential. We are always in search of good qualified professionals to add value to our company.